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Records Bank offers an easy to use online portal for authorized 3rd party records retrieval 

Do you operate a Busy & Active Law Firm or Insurance Company?

Retrieving Medical files for third parties?

As a professional you want to be focused on your work.  Not chasing numerous hospitals clinics or family physicians in order to obtain medical records. Imagine one portal for you and your firm to log in and request what you need, track progress and download or transfer files all securely on a HIPAA compliant health and information exchange network, using “End-to End encryption for secure communications” ensuring that your data has been protected throughout its delivery. 

The portal would be set up for you at NO CHARGE.  The portal would automatically insert all the information on your firm, lawyer  and individual requesting the records.  This saves valuable time not having to re-enter information each time you make a request. For more information on how to set up your own portal contact RecordsBank today. If you make very few requests or want to make a single request for records  click here.

"How long do I have to keep closed files?.  Why keep closed files?" These are frequent questions lawyers and professionals ask.


File storage and retention is of concern to practicing lawyers, particularly due to the cost of storing original file materials and the attractive alternatives offered by technology.  The cost of storing paper files often seems to outweigh the utility of doing so.


Does your firm have a file retention policy?

Contact RecordsBank to find out how we can Streamline your transfer of records  and Information process.

File Storage and Retention

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