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Records Bank's health information management staff can administer all aspects of your medical records:

Retrieving & Transferring  Medical files for third parties?

As a professional you want to be focused on your work.  Not chasing numerous hospitals clinics or family physicians in order to obtain medical records. Imagine one portal for you and your practice to log in and request what you need, track progress and download or transfer files all securely on a HIPAA compliant health and information exchange network, using “End-to End encryption for secure communications” ensuring that your data has been protected throughout its delivery. 

Save Valuable Time

The portal would be set up for you at NO CHARGE.  The portal would automatically insert all the information on your practice, clinic or hospital and individual requesting record. This saves valuable time not having to re-enter information each time you make a request. For more information on how to set up your own portal contact RecordsBank today.  If you make very few requests or want to make a single request for records  click here. 


Free Secure Storage of all your Paper Medical Records

As healthcare providers migrate from paper charts to electronic medical records (EMR), a legacy of inactive paper charts stays behind. Most of these charts remain inactive until ultimately destroyed at the end of their retention schedule. While the information contained in each chart is still vital, managing the paper is cumbersome and expensive.

Records Bank  offers a solution; we remove paper records from any clinic in the United States and store them in our secure warehouse. In most cases, medical records are stored free of charge — a fee applies only when a chart is requested. To streamline the request process,  automatic chart scan based on upcoming patient appointments is also available.

  • RecordsBank health information management staff administers all aspects of your medical records:

  • Securely store, retrieve and deliver your charts.

  • Convert your paper charts to an electronic format (pdf, tif, etc.).

  • Request through a simple to use web portal or fully automate.

  • Manage the entire release of information (ROI) process.


Save Valuable Space and Money

Lease rates in medical buildings are expensive, yet much of the space used in a medical clinic is devoted to storing paper medical records. Space needed to store medical records, particularly archived/inactive charts, often expands into exam rooms, off-site mini-storage and other valuable workspace. With the migration to EMR, the paper chart is becoming an expensive and cumbersome legacy of out-dated management practices.


We scan medical records into a digital format that can, in most cases, be attached to a patient's EMR. By utilizing a scan-on-demand method, rather than back-scanning all archived paper charts, Records Bank will greatly reduce your cost of converting to an EMR.


As an extension of your HIM staff, RecordsBank manages all aspects of the release of information process. Relevant information is retrieved from the existing paper and/or electronic file. The retrieved information is consolidated and converted into one digital file (PDF or TIF). The file is scanned by character recognition software, which enables the reader to search by keywords for fast retrieval.

Closing a Medical Practice ?

We Store Medical Records and Scan Medical Records for FREE

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