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Connecting Patients 

with Complete Records

A Centralized System for Patients, Lawyers & Insurers  to Retrieve and Access Medical Records

All your medical records in one place.

The Healthcare System in the United States makes it difficult to share medical Information between two or more parties.   Records Bank makes it easy to request all your medical information from all your doctors—and it all happens securely online.

Get a centralised & shareable summary of your medical history.

We'll combine all the information you store in Records Bank into a summary that can be easily shared with doctors, lawyers, insurers  and family members.

Available Medical Records in America Est.


Annual Cost for patient intake in US hospitals.  Over $7B before a patient even steps out of a waiting room.     


Need your records?  We will get them for you fast.

We know requesting medical records is a pain. So just tell us where you've been for care, and we'll go get your records for you.

Obtaining Medical Records

Why use Records Bank?

Records Bank lets you request medical records online, stores them safely for you, allowing you to access them anywhere  —and it's even faster and cheaper too!

In order to obtain records as promptly as possible, please use our online request and medical authorization form through our portal.  A secure HIPAA compliant health and information exchange network, using “End-to End encryption for secure communications” ensuring that your data has been protected throughout its delivery to you. 

Patients &  Family Members

Are you a patient requesting a medical record for yourself or someone else?

Health Care Provider

Are you a Healthcare Provider or  Clinic Requesting a Patient's Medical Record?

Law Firm, Insurance Agency

Are you an Agency, Law Firm or Insurance Company Requesting a Medical Record for a Client?


Benefits for businesses and governmental agencies

Leverage our Expertise in Cloud Based Records Access and Transfers

How Records Bank works

Register as a RecordsBank  Patient User or     Requestor. This will allow you to send requests electronically to RecordsBank on our network.


Login to the Secure System and request records electronically.


Once your request is approved and fulfilled through RecordsBank, you will receive an email notification. Click on your secure link, pay for and download records.   

Ok. I want to Proceed.  

Click the appropriate. I am a...   

• Physicians

• Insurance

• Lawyers

• Government & Municipal


Whether you are a records retrieval company, insurance company, law firm, a patient or any other business that requests records with a signed PIPEDA or HIPAA authorization form, you can register with Records Bank as a Requestor and:

• Send requests electronically

• Track requests progress online

• Pay for records and download immediately


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